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About MIDPOINT Connections 
We have established this database to provide a platform for our MIDPOINT alumni to showcase their writing and story editing talents following the successful completion of the MIDPOINT programs. 

Our vision for this database is to foster a welcoming community where enduring relationships are forged and exceptional projects take shape.

Within the database, we proudly present Writers, Script Consultants, and Development Executives, who have successfully graduated from the MIDPOINT programs.

If you have any questions or want to share with us your opinion, 
please contact our colleague Marketa Spatenkova.

MIDPOINT Institute
Mission & values 

Empowering creative minds, shaping film and series excellence.

Established in 2010, MIDPOINT Institute has been instrumental in supporting and advancing the careers of writers, directors, producers, script editors, and development executives from Central and Eastern Europe and beyond. We are committed to enhancing their professional skills and creative projects, bringing vibrant new ideas to the European film and series markets.

We emphasize the vital role of mutual inspiration in the creative industries. MIDPOINT Institute supports emerging and mid-career professionals as they launch and advance in the European film and series industry. We also provide advanced consultancy for established professionals looking to enhance their skills. Our diverse programs focus not only on project and skills development but also on the post-production phase, ensuring our participants are equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary for significant industry impact.

We believe that cooperation is crucial for the production of high-quality European films and series. With a special focus on Central and Eastern Europe, our mission is to prove that success is within reach when professionals from this vibrant region come together.

Fifteen years of collective experience at MIDPOINT Institute confirm that a well-constructed plot, compelling characters, and a clear vision are fundamental to the success of any film or series. We apply the principles of dramaturgy to develop personalized approaches, empowering creators across all genres to realize their visions and share their unique stories.